Steve Dallons Northern California Pool Designer

Steve Dallons Affiliations

Steve Dallons is a SWD Master of Genesis, which provides an international forum for continuing education and the establishment of higher standards in watershape, swimming pool, and water feature design and construction.

SWD Master certification is reserved for the upper echelon of SWD members that have proven their quality, professionalism, ethics, and business prowess.

Steve Dallons Genesis Education Credits:

Level I Design School "1998"
Level II Design School "2000"
Drawing School "2002"
Design Schools "2005/2006"
  • Elements of Design
  • Measured Perspective
  • Basic Color Theory
  • The Vocabulary of Architecture and Style
Pool & Watershape Construction School "2007"
Design Schools "2008"
  • Ponds and Waterfeatures
  • Natural Looking Ponds and Waterfeatures
Design School "2010"
  • 3-Dimensional Computer Drawing, Part I
Design School "2011"
  • Advanced Fluid Engineering
Design Schools “2013”
  • AutoCad